00:00 Intro, Anthony Newly
00:03 Hey Jude (Templeton Twins), Der DiskothekerTM
00:51 Within You, Without You, Anthony Newly
01:01 And I Love Her, Music To Get C6th By
01:31 Girl, Oxbow
03:20 Warm And Tender Time After Noone, DJ Earlybird
05:02 Nightbeatle, Mark Vidler (GHP)
07:58 Jesus Rigby, Idlewild
11:19 With A Little Glam, CCC Ill Chemist
12:43 Being For The Benefit Of P-Funk, Voicedude
14:49 The Supremes Come To The Beatles, DJ Riko
16:37 She's Slipping, CCC Ill Chemist
19:07 Kelly Watch The Hole, CCC Ill Chemist
21:45 Struttin' Rita, CCC Ill Chemist
23:06 Black Beatles, Loo & Placido
24:45 A Day In Tracy's Life, Soundhog
24:46 A Karma In The Life, Mark Vidler (GHP)
27:06 A Day Of Madness, Flying White Dots
27:47 Cracked Pepper Reprise, CCC Ill Chemist
29:01 Sgt. Peppers, Jimmi Jammes
31:16 Magical Mystery Retour, Oswald Wang
31:53 Various Fragments, The Beatles
33:15 Outro, Anthony Newly